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Intuit AccountantVIP Hub Points Overview

As you browse the different sections of the Intuit AccountantVIP Hub, you will see “SHARE" icons next to the featured articles.  

Clicking "SHARE" allows you to post that article to your preferred social media channel, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or popular blogging platforms like Blogger and Wordpress.   You also get points for sharing.  

You can also earn points by submitting content you think is relevant for the Intuit AccountantVIP Hub. QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks desktop training videos, training events, or thought leadership pieces are all welcome! The AccountantVIP admin team will review and publish all suitable submissions.

Based on your content sharing and content submission activity, your points score will be noted in the toolbar at the top right of your Home Screen to help you keep track. 

Sharing content and earning points is a good thing!  We'll explain why below. 

 Why is Sharing Your Own Content A Good Thing?

The Intuit AccountantVIP Hub is invitation-only.  We have selected folks from the accounting profession who have shown that they are worth listening to.  When you share content on this site your fellow members will share it out to their networks, extending your reach dramatically. 

Additionally (and this is quite technical, so bear with us here) when your own content is shared and people click on it (because a fellow member shared it and their network listens to what they say), your site suddenly looks more important to Google because big important sites like Intuit.com and fellow member websites are linking to, and sharing, your content.  You could possibly increase your Google rankings just by submitting your own content, and sharing other’s content.

But this only works if you share your own stuff on AccountantVIP and if you share other member’s content with your own networks as well.  It’s a circle of goodness.

Why Is Earning Points A Good Thing?

We strongly value your participation in AccountantVIP.  As thanks for our ongoing relationship and to reward you for being an active and inspiring member, we’ve curated a wonderful list of items you can cash your points in for.

How Do Points Work?

By sharing content and accumulating points, you gain access to more reward options.  It’s completely up to you to decide how you want to use your points – what you’d like to “cash them in for” and whether or not you want to hold on to points to save up for bigger rewards at higher levels.

Earning points is easy, and opportunities to earn them grow with your participation.  

**Please note, points are maximized at 80 points per day.  This is designed to encourage you to frequently come and explore AccountantVIP on a regular basis.  Here are all the ways you can do it:

  • Share Content– share content that has been published on the Hub. Next to each article is a Share Button and the number of corresponding points for each share. Just choose what you want to share, and start earning points.
    • All articles are set at 5 points per share. **
    • Occasionally we will set an article at 10 or more points, to encourage broader sharing
  • Submit Content– submit content that you found elsewhere on the web, you produced independently, or you produced exclusively for AccountantVIP.
    • All articles you submit receive 5 points per. **
  • Hold a QuickBooks Event of your own – To encourage you to hold an event of your own and educate more people about QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Self Employed, we reward you with extra points for doing that.  To receive the extra points, hold your event, write and publish a blog article about it including pictures, and then submit it to AccountantVIP.   Because we have to manually add the extra points onto your account, please also send a note to either Alison or Scott, through the AccountantVIP message system.
    • 20 extra points awarded once approved and published onto AccountantVIP
  • Reviews/Testimonials – write your own testimonial about using QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks desktop, publish it on your blog, then submit it to AccountantVIP.  Because we have to manually add the extra points onto your account, please also send a note to either Alison or Scott, through the AccountantVIP message system.
    • 20 extra points awarded once approved and published onto AccountantVIP

What Can I Get For My Points?

There are rewards for many levels of participation, which you can select from once you’ve accumulated enough points;

Tier 1 – 400 Points

  • QuickBooks branded items – pens, notebooks, etc.  All are road-tested by Intuit staff. 

Tier 2 – 1,000 Points

  • QuickBooks branded items – These items are just a little bit nicer than Tier 1 items.  We chose them for coolness and usefulness and again, we road-tested them all.

Tier 3 – 4,000 Points

  • QuickBooks branded t-shirt in your size
  • QuickBooks branded items in bulk
    • ie: a box of pens or other small branded item – just ask us what we have in stock 
    • These are great if you are having your own event and want authentic Intuit or QuickBooks swag to give away to your attendees.

Tier 4 – 10,000 Points

  • Premium Intuit branded gear – ie: a QuickBooks-branded backpack, or phone charger

Tier 5 – 20,000 Points

  • Ultra-Premium Intuit branded clothing – ie: a QuickBooks-branded jacket, or sweatshirt
  • Ultra-Premium Intuit-branded gear – ie: a QuickBooks branded roll-aboard suitcase.
  • Current year ProAdvisor Program membership fee waived 
    • Note – this is not available to give away to your staff members, and is limited to ProAdvisor Deluxe Level only

Tier 6 – 50,000 Points

  • QuickBooks Tradeshow Display Kit (2 pop up banners + a branded tablecloth)

Tier 7 – 100,000 Points

  • Visit to Intuit including a meeting with Brad Smith
    • Expenses paid include: coach airfare for you, two night’s hotel and a daily meal and local transport allowance. 
    • Note - Intuit must pre-approve all expenses before booking and you must use Intuit’s travel desk to book the airfare and hotel.

 About the Leaderboard:

To encourage different activities each month, and show you how you are doing for that month, we have set the leaderboard so it re-sets each month.  But don’t worry!  Your points do not go away – they accumulate until you cash them in.  Just like an airline miles program.

For questions, to cash in points, or inquire about current rewards, please message the AccountantVIP admins through the site.

*** An important note about the daily points cap (80 points per day)

Because we want to encourage regular participation in AccountantVIP - so you can share new articles as they appear, and you read articles you may have missed since you last visited the site - we limit the number of points you can earn to 80 maximum per day.

At 5 points per action, this equates to 16 “actions” per day. 

  • Each share is an action
  • Each submission of an article is an action

Please keep this in mind as you plan the reward you are saving your points for. 

With the availability of the mobile app, on both iOS and Android, you can easily share articles when you are on the go.  This makes it easy to reach the maximum number of points on any given day, and keeps your audience engaged with fresh content.